District Wide Open-End Construction Inspection, PennDOT District 1-0, PA

Construction Inspection: Bridges
Construction Inspection: Highways
Key Services: 
  • Construction Inspection
  • Documentation

Construction inspection, documentation, and other services for various roadway and bridge projects within PennDOT District 1-0 in PA.

QES' responsibilities for this open-end agreement was to perform construction inspection services on various projects located in PennDOT District 1-0, which encompasses Crawford, Erie, Forest, Mercer, Venango, and Warren Counties. The agreement included roadway and bridge construction projects and material plant inspection. QES performed construction inspection and documentation services on SR 3005-B00 in Warren County; SR 4009-B00, SR 36-B00, and SR 0257-A01 in Venango County; SR 0099-05M, SR 0832-A02, and Group 232 in Erie County; SR 0080-A06, SR 60-A01, SR 3014-A00, SR 4006-B01, and SR 4006-B00 in Mercer County; Group 165 in Crawford County; and SR 0008-08M.