SR 0079-A13, Mercer County, PA

Construction Inspection: Bridges
Construction Inspection: Highways
Key Services: 
  • Construction Inspection
  • Documentation

Provide construction inspection and documentation of SR 0079-A13 located in Mercer County, PA.

QES' responsibilities for the SR 0079-A13 project consist of providing construction inspection and documentation services for the two inch milling and construction of a SMA bituminous overlay on 26 miles of Interstate 79, which extends from the Lawrence/Mercer County line to the Mercer/Crawford County line. The work also includes the milling and resurfacing of the interchange ramps between the project limits. Other roadway work includes: Centerline and shoulder base repair, transverse joint repair, leveling, drainage, sawing and sealing bituminous overlays, pavement markings, SNAPS, RWIS, guiderail, signing, and raised pavement markings. Also included on this project is the rehabilitation of 16 bridges within the project limits. The bridge work includes: Deteriorated concrete repair of substructures, neoprene strip seal dam replacement, asphaltic plug expansion dam replacement, pier joint encasement, beam spall repair, diaphragm repair, deck repairs, and waterproofing.