I-264 Roadway Rehabilitation

Construction Inspection: Bridges
Construction Inspection: Highways
Key Services: 
  • Project Documentation
  • Independent Quality Assurance
  • Develop QC/QA Plans

QES provides independent quality assurance services for this $72 million design/build rehabilitation project on I-264 in Virginia Beach, VA including the westbound Collector-Distributor (CD) lanes. The project included the following: thin hot mix asphalt concrete overlay (THMACO), Stone Matrix Asphalt overlay, associated geometric analysis and adjustments to maintain drainage and clearances for existing infrastructure, safety hardware upgrades/modifications, and adjustments (barriers, guardrail, curbs, signage, etc.), full and partial depth concrete patching of existing concrete pavement, ITS, lighting and utility adjustment, adjustments to storm drainage structures, pavement markings, maintenance of traffic, high-friction surface treatment on multi-use shoulders, joint sealing/repair, inside shoulder widening and hydraulic analysis.