Recent Company Highlights

Sherry Morian presents $2,000 ASHE scholarship at Franklin section meeting

Sherry Morian presents $2,000.00 ASHE scholarship at Franklin Section meeting.

Sherry Morian and Leslie Richards at the Women's Conference in Cranberry, PA, 2018

QES’ President Sherry Morian attended the 2018 Women’s Conference in Cranberry, Pennsylvania.

QES President Sherry Morian with PA Secretary of Transportation Leslie Richards

QES President Sherry Morian has been appointed to serve on the newly organized PennDOT BEO Advisory Council.

Sherry Morian with other participants at the ACEC/PA Women's Forum

QES President Sherry Morian was selected to serve as a speaker at the 2017 ACEC/PA Women's Form along with PennDOT Secretary of Transportation Leslie Richards.

Dennis Morian, Director of Engineering for Quality Engineering Solutions, was invited to participate as a presenter in an educational webinar on internal curing for concrete pavements hosted by the Transportation Research Board.

Doug Frith webinar slide

QES Vice President Doug Frith participated in a quarterly webinar on pavement management hosted by FHWA.

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